Steve Almond's (NOT THAT YOU ASKED), a collection of subversive and humorous excursions into Sex, Kurt Vonnegut, Religion, The Boston Red Sox, Reality Television, among other topics, to Julia Cheiffetz at Random House, in a pre-emp two-book deal.

Neurologist Robert Burton, M.D.'s KNOWING: The Deceptive Biology of Conviction, exploring the sensation of knowledge -- how we "know" when we "know" something -- and how it affects our everyday lives -- in everything from religious belief to sports (forthcoming, St. Martin's).

R. Douglas Fields's THE OTHER BRAIN, a renowned neuroscientist's exploration of glial cells and their role in brain health, learning, and memory, in a very nice deal at auction(forthcoming, Simon & Schuster).

Robert Koenig's "THE FOURTH HORSEMAN: The Tragedy of Anton Dilger and the Birth of Germ Warfare", a story from WWI America about the tempestuous life of a doctor whose loyalties were divided between his German heritage and his American home, and who, moved by the slaughter he witnessed on the front, helped usher in a new era of germ warfare (forthcoming, Public Affairs).

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Mark Ethridge's debut novel GRIEVANCES, in which an unlikely trio solve a decades old racial murder - a story of newspapers, murder and redemption, for a small southern town and for a young reporter(New South Books).